There are various reasons behind the popularity of bubble tea. Firstly, the mystery behind its flavors and variety in size makes it an enjoyable treat for drinkers. The boba, when it comes to your mouth at the end, gives you a refreshing feeling after you chew them. The fun of drinking these beverages contains all nutrients and is a substitute for traditional tea or coffee drinkers. Looking at its popularity worldwide, many people plan to open a bubble tea shop at their locale. To open a shop, you need to consider and enact them as your business plan before opening up the shop. You must bring Taiwanese drinkers' attention to your shop to operate the business. 

Steps to Plan Your Bubble Tea Business

A transparent business plan is essential to succeed in your business. The top three points you must remember are your target customer, ongoing cost, and how much to charge your customer against a cup of baobab tea. 

Step 1: The cost of the business or hiring a shop depends on your locale. If you buy a spare space in a posh zone, it will automatically cost you a lot. The start-up cost of buying a shop or taking it on lease will cost approximately $20000 a year. Find a location where you gain more customers at your door, a space where they can hang out with bubble tea along with fruit cakes or pastries. 

Step 2: Another point to consider- is the target customers. Attend customers between the age group of 16 to 35. Many college goers would love to hang out with their friends in a bubble shop after school. Binge tea drinkers would love a cup of boba tea in the evening after a hectic schedule. 

Step 3: Making the boba tea costs between 10$ and 20$ and will attract regular trespassers to knock on the doors of your shop. Keep the price of the tea in a medium glass affordable so that every budget goer can have the beverage at any time. Else, if you want to take any assistance, contact Pearl Lemon Boba. They will help you with a Bubble tea shop business plan to execute your business correctly and succeed in your business. 

An Exclusive Brand Name to Adhere

Being attached to a brand name is always a plus when selling something. Try to connect with a franchise or make an exclusive brand name that tracks the customers immediately. It should be catchy, attractive, and soothe your mind. Many business guides will help you to choose the right name for your bubble tea business. Then, register your company on that business name and start your business. It will also motivate you to give 100% and strategize your business agendas according to increased sales. 


Once you run a bubble tea business, your country's government will ask for your business tax. So make the shop legitimate by registering and fulfilling the taxation rules and regulations. Otherwise, they might seal your shop or not allow it to run under their jurisdiction.